I’ve seen a few negative reviews, but mostly positive. I myself am happy with them & would recommend them to anyone. My car blew a water pump, they had a new 1 on in an hour. Even though that wasn’t the problem, they checked out the compression just not enough. So for $800.00 to drop a new one isn’t bad. Sage, Michael, Shane were all good. So the motor is being shipped to them. The last dummy’s to work on the car left the 2 front motor mount bolts out. Anyway, Sage Michael & the crew. Also, I’m a disabled vet & their kindness is appreciated.

- (Review left on Google by Nick Z.)

This place is amazing! Their crew of mechanics are amazing! Shane Justin, Juan, Joe and Michael are great! Sage and Joey that run the front they are amazing and listen to their customers. When I brought my car in Sage even offered to give me a ride to where I needed to go. They know their stuff! They will go out or their way for anyone! They are honest and fair. Their prices may have gone up a little but they are so worth it! I will highly recommend these guys for any work.

- (Review left on Google by Monica L.)

Great experience here every time. They got to the bottom of an irritating noise that other mechanics I’d been to never did after I’d given up on diagnosing it for a while since it was apparently not going to cause my car to break down. . It’d been back twice to the shop in MN that had replaced the sway bar, as well as one other place with no solution. Another time they were working late in the evening to make sure I got my car back in time for work the next morning, which was much appreciated. I work 6-7 days a week and need my car for much of that to transport supplies, so I’m thankful for the quick turnarounds and time estimates so I can plan accordingly. I’ve been to several different shops with it due to multiple moves and cross country drives but I’m happy to have found a place in Flagstaff that I’ll keep going back to when needed.

- (Review left on Google by Jamie R.)

Michael Faul is AMAZING! He explained everything so I could understand exactly what was wrong with my vehicle.  No problems getting in and they were efficient and fast. You honestly won't find a better guy and not a shop in town can beat his prices! I called around to about 5 places before using him. So glad I did! Definitely our new family mechanic. Thank you so much!!!!

- (Review left on Google by Ania.)

If I could give 10 stars I would. They have gone out of their way to fit me into their already busy schedule because I told them I was from out of town and trying to get home. They were incredibly patient with all my questions. They have done their best to give me the best price possible. In all ways, they have gone above and beyond in their service to me. I am so grateful to have worked with them and would highly suggest anyone bring their business here! The kindest, most thoughtful crew I could've asked for! And the decor in the front room is top-notch. Thank you so much!

- (Review left on Google by Jenni.)

Oil gunked up on an engine.

We see this with our fleet customers, our regular Flagstaff car pool drivers and our diesel truck drivers so it isn't just one type of driver that ends up with a nightmare on their hands costing thousands of dollars to repair, asking about the costs of a JASPER replacement engine!  The fact is your driving habits and maintenance habits can easily avoid this issue!  6 EASY STEPS - Service, Tires, Don't Ignore Service Engine Lights, Keep it Clean & Stop Driving Crazy!

Your car data owned by manufacturers now

Newer Vehicles Generate as Much As 25GB of Data/Hour according to McKinsey.  Now That is Extremely Interesting!  It is also daunting as we now need to know "what data" right?  You also want to know where it is going if anywhere and who owns the data?  All interesting questions that we never thought about.  Just get in and drive, choose a destination and if a light goes off in the dash you call us here at Flagstaff Transmission Specialists to schedule an appointment.   We want our Flagstaff drivers to be informed as always and able to make their choices based on having facts.  This is a big change in the automotive-truck service industry and it really has not hit the news at all, so it is up to us to get you up-to-date and informed.  Here are the facts and where you can find more information!

There seems to be a common misconception among many that if you have an aftermarket/extended warranty, that your car, truck, SUV, or Jeep must be taken to a dealership. This is not true. Non-dealership / Independent Automotive repair shops can service and repair your new or UNDER WARRANTY/EXTENDED WARRANTY. As a positive, at our shop, you can get fast service and work with highly trained technicians!  We'd love to take care of your vehicle for you and can do so right here at our automotive shop. Repairs by highly rated and trained automotive technicians with dealer rated diagnostic tools, at BETTER PRICING by a shop that knows you!

It is a law that independent automotive repair shops can maintain and service your warranty. All consumers are protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It prohibits a manufacturer from voiding the new vehicle's warranty or a vehicle's extended warranty because service was performed by a Non-Dealer/Independent Repair shop.

Per the FTC, “It's illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because you had warranty work or routine maintenance or repairs performed by our automotive shop. Routine maintenance can include anything from oil changes, tire rotations and belt replacement, to fluid checks, flushes, new brake pads, and inspections.” It is also important to note that the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for a company to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty for the simple cause that you used an aftermarket or recycled part.”

One of the major perks of bringing your vehicle to an independent repair shop is the ability to make your money go further. Many times, warranties will have a limit or a deductible. Our goal is to make your warranty work for you.

Lastly, If you are on the fence about whether or not to purchase an AFTERMARKET or EXTENDED warranty. We suggest opening a savings account for your car and putting back money for possible breakdowns. While warranties are great the limitations can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

Whichever option you may choose we will be there for you every step of the way! We look forward to taking care of your new or under extended/aftermarket warranty, car, truck, SUV, or Jeep right here. Give us a call today!

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