Flagstaff Transmission Specialists in Flagstaff, AZ may have new ownership in 2020, but Sage still provides the same professional, high-quality repairs, at a fair price that Flagstaff drivers have always known. When you visit our shop we guarantee full honesty, and we never oversell you. At Flagstaff Transmission Specialists, we employ the best technicians, use the best parts, and guarantee the best service. If your transmission is acting up or you need mechanical work, don't hesitate on calling to get an appointment scheduled or stopping by to get a quote.


While we do our best to ensure you have been supplied with the highest quality transmission work available, this complex field of endeavor does provide an opportunity for human error to show itself occasionally. That is simply an honest fact. Flagstaff Transmission Specialists has developed an excellent warranty program, allowing you to choose the warranty that best fits your particular needs. Our in-house warranty is the standard for most local jobs. It is a 12 month or 12,000-mile warranty, covering both parts and labor on jobs brought back to us for further attention. Even though we are specific as to the length of time or mileage covered by our warranty, we do not usually stick to the day or the mile should you come to us with a problem. If the evidence indicates your transmission has a premature problem that might have been the result of poor workmanship or faulty parts, we won't turn you away. Here's another hint for you. If you ever talk to a rebuilder or shop owner that tells you he's never had a comeback, get away from there as fast as you can. (A person that will lie about one thing will lie about other things too.) Everyone has a comeback now and then. The complexities involved in this business dictate that occasionally something will not go as planned. Beware of those who won't admit that fact. When you have to talk to a shop owner or service manager about a warranty issue, the last thing you want to hear is, "It's not my fault." If you are on vacation or visiting the Flagstaff area from out of state, and your transmission has failed, we would encourage you to use a remanufactured transmission from Jasper Engines and Transmissions. These units are very high quality and have a 3 year or 100,000-mile warranty. With a remanufactured transmission from Jasper, your warranty is good no matter where you may be. We have had very few warranty issues with the Jasper transmissions we have sold. Those few issues that did occur were taken care of very efficiently by Jasper representatives in the towns where the problems occurred.


Sage is the owner of Flagstaff Transmission Specialists since July 1, 2020.
Michael our mechanic has been in the automotive industry for 11 years. He has been with Flagstaff Transmission Specialists for 8 months.
Joe, our transmission specialist has been working in the automotive industry for 12 years. He has been with Flagstaff Transmission Specialists for 10 years. Joe is also certified through Jasper for transmission diagnostics.
Shane our technician has been in the automotive industry for 6 years. He has been with Flagstaff Transmission Specialists for 7 months.

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